onsdag 9 februari 2011

Nyheter från Ingvild Bolme!

Hej på er!

I dag kommer det spännande nyheter från vårt grannn-land Norge och den makalöst duktiga och kreativa Ingvild Bolme. Vi har fått lov av Ingvild att göra ett inlägg som visar hennes nya kollektion av scrap-verktyg i samarbete med Prima. Det kommer så smånimgom släppas mer information om kollektionen och det ser vi framemot. Besök gärna hennes blogg och inspireras av allt vackert hon skapar!

Så här skriver Ingvild själv om sina nya produkter:


No words can describe how excited I am to finally be able to share these news with you all! I am so proud, so happy... my dream have come true; my very first product designs, my own line, at Prima! :D
I have worked on this for a while now, so it has been so hard to not be able to share it all. To be so excited about this, but to have to keep it as a secret, has not been easy at all! But finally, finally I can share this with you! :D So please let me introduce my "babies", my own line of Prima crafting tools!

The line is called Comfort-Craft Tools, and the whole line is designed by me, for comfortable and pleasurable crafting! It's an ergonomic line, in my favorite color, with different cutting and distressing tools to work on all my favorite techniques! All tools are designed to fit both right and left handed crafters. With these tools, it will be an pleasure to cut the smallest details and hand paper cuts, and create vintage paper edges and all other distressed designs!

Here are my very first peeks of my line;

The line will be introduced at CHA now today, and will be ready for delivery this spring! Prima are ready to take orders now, so please make sure to drop by their booth if you are going to CHA!

Comfort-Craft contains the following tools;

- Chalk Fluid Pads. These cute little pads are perfect to distress your paper edges and designs with! The chalk fluid dries quickly, and both the pad and the handle are perfectly shaped for verifiable and accurate work; very easy to hold and to work with. Will be available in a wide variety of colors!

- Distressing Tools. These tools are the perfect tools for distressing techniques on your crafting projects, just what you need to create your own vintage or "used" looks! They contains rough rasps, metal brushes, files, paper edge scraper and even nail-effect edges! Replaceable rasps and files.

- Scissor. This is a scissor designed for pure comfort! Even though it is a small scissor with sharp tips, the tails on the handles makes it easy to control for even the smallest details. The soft and ergonomically shaped handles makes sure it will be an pleasure to cut with. The blades are non-stick-able!

- Craft knife. As a hand paper cuts-addicted girl myself, I know how important it is with a very good knife to be able to work on all the smallest details or lots of cuttings, without getting too tired in my fingers. So when I designed this knife, the special and ergonomic shape had the main focus. This craft knife will fall naturally in place in your hand, no matter if you will stand and cut straight lines or if you will sit and work on the smallest details and need a grip close to the blade. It comes with different blades for different techniques and uses, and you can very easily adjust the blade angle on the knife to the type of blade you choose to work with. Room for blade replacements in the back.

- Self Healing Mats. Useful self healing mats to protect your table when you work on your projects! This will be available in several sizes, from the small and handy ones to come with you to crops and events, to the big ones for all the space you need in your craft room! Lots of useful information on all mats, and the grid and rulers shows both inches and centimeters. A self healing mat is needed when you work with craft knifes and distressing tools.

Comfort-Craft will also of course be a part of my teaching program in the coming years!

I guess this is all I am able to share with you right now, but please check back soon for further updates and details. I will also of course share with you all some tutorials and videos on my line as soon as possible.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you will test out some of these products yourself one day. I will be glad to hear from you with a comment about what you think of this, - which tool can become your favorite? ;O)


För att ta en närmre titt på bilderna ur denna craftin tool kollektion klicka HÄR så kommer du direkt till Ingvilds inlägg!

Vi säger tusen tack till Ingvild för att vi fått göra detta inlägg och önskar all lycka till med hennes crafting tools, som med all säkerhet kommer bli en stor succé!

Nu önskar jag er en riktigt trevlig onsdag

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